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X Research source. 3. Pray at a shrine. Any shrine will cure all diseases. These can be found throughout the world - most commonly in the temples of major cities. 4. Ask a Vigilant of Stendarr to cure you. They can be found roaming around the world, but can always be found at the Hall of the Vigilant.

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  • How to marry any NPC you want with console commands: Open console and use the following command while having the NPC selected. And there you go, that NPC is now eligible for marriage. If it doesn't work, use this command over the NPC: setrelationshiprank player 4. I selected the NPC after using "~" and tried both codes. Soooooo.. heres a list of console commands and how to use them+Details on every command! Opening the console can be done through the tilde-key (~); it sits to the left of the "1" key, under the ESC-key and above the TAB-key. Some commands must be prefixed, like "player.additem", or an item targetted via left-clicking with mouse cursor. For more information, check out Things Skyrim Doesn't Tell You, Things Not To Do In Skyrim, and the latest addition to Skyrim; Fishing. In Skyrim ,. On pc you can use console commands to set npcs to the marriage faction. To do this open up the console, select said npc and type this: setrelationshiprank "npc id" 4 player.setrelationshiprank "npc id" 4 addtofaction 19809 1 Note that you have to check out if the npc you want to marry has marriage dialogue. Skyrim NPC Commands. Resurrect Resurrect <#> Brings a dead NPC back to life. Using <1> resurrects them with all items intact. Using no number removes the corpse and creates a fresh copy of the NPC. Married (10 points/Bronze) — Get married Notes. As of the initial release, there are no Khajiit nor Bosmer characters that the player can marry (without using console commands on the PC version of the game). If your spouse dies, you will not be able to remarry. It appears that if you resurrect your spouse using the console then they are.

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    Exit the character creation screen and save your game. Open the console (~) and type 'SPF' followed by the name of your character. This will export your character's appearance to your installation folder (the one up from Data that contains the Skyrim.exe). Open the Creation Kit and create a new NPC.